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Stop Waiting and Start Delivering: Taking charge in AI application delivery.

How to go from thinking to doing, and become a more effective product driven company with AI.

Tuesday, December 5th

Don't get left behind in the AI race—tomorrow's champions are already building and refining applications based on real user feedback. Leverage the transformative power of Language Models (LLMs) to revolutionize your product stack and digital service delivery. Speedy execution and constant iteration will reveal new revenue and process optimisation opportunities for your business, rather than waiting around hopefully for a return on investment study or yet another memo from the CEO. A product mindset is critical to success.

We’ll explore strategic ownership of AI initiatives, dissecting how product managers can spearhead the integration of artificial intelligence into your roadmap. Gain insights into effective leadership and maximize the impact of AI on your products.

Join deepset CEO, Milos Rusic, and RedMonk co-founder & industry analyst, James Governor, as they reveal some of the secrets and best practices for transformative AI adoption in your organization.

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Who should attend?

• Functional business leaders in charge of solving a particular business challenge through the application of the current LLM technology
• Product leaders in charge of the ‘AI teams’

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