O'Reilly Report

Report: LLM Adoption in the Enterprise

Release date: April 2024
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.

This report provides a practical insight into the process of building with LLMs, while giving you a rare understanding of the technology in action that is both pragmatic and visionary.  

Spread over 5 chapters, the report covers:

Understanding Product-focused Generative AI: Acquire practical insights into Large Language Models (LLMs) and broader AI technologies.
Cultivating a Product Mindset:
Explore the significance of adopting a product-oriented approach and mastering its application across the product lifecycle.

Practical Application of Use Cases: Uncover strategies for aligning real-world business needs with AI-driven solutions.

Leveraging Cross-functional Product Teams: Harness the benefits of  a diverse skillset of cross-functional teams effective team leadership.

Essential Resources for AI Teams: Investigate the requisite skills and knowledge essential for effective AI team operation.

About the Author:

Isabelle Nguyen has a background in linguistics and a master’s degree in NLP and machine learning. She currently works as a technical content writer at deepset. Her main focus is to demystify the intricacies of generative AI and LLMs and make these complex topics accessible to a wide audience.


Oreilly report - LLM adoption in the enterprise